Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just won tickets to go see strikeforce

Going to this tonight.

So apparently my brother signed me up for some contest to go see an MMA event he wanted to see without asking me a few weeks ago. So I was a bit surprised when I got a phone call saying I won tickets to something from some radio station I've never heard of (I thought everyone just uses the pandora phone app in their cars these days.) Well, bottom line these tickets are really fucking expensive and I'd be a damn fool not to go (besides, the tickets are only claimable with my ID.) Soooooo guess I'm taking my bro to go watch people kick the shit out of eachother tonight! Better get really baked beforehand, I'm not paying 7 dollars for a crappy beer.

What do people wear to these things? I fucking hate those fucking tapout shirts, there's gonna be like a thousand of those.

Fuck it I'm wearing a tracksuit.


  1. You'll enjoy yourself trust me. Especially if your baked. Gotta love the combo. Fighting and bakebake. haha :D

  2. Strikeforce has pretty good fights. Get high and enjoy!

  3. Yeah def take some pics and share them man.